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Capture your life in data. One tweet at a time.

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Making Choices

We make tiny choices every day. Those choices become habits, and those habits develop into behaviors. your.flowingdata helps you record these choices.

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Collect data anywhere.

The ubiquity of Twitter allows you to record data from just about anywhere. If you can tweet, you can record data.

Interact with your data.

Data is meant to be played with. Use interactive data visualization and explore your data.

Customize views to your data.

All data is not created equally. Create custom visualization pages for what you’re most interested in.

Share your findings.

Some data is meant to be private, but some is worth sharing. You decide what others can and can’t see.

Understand yourself.

In the same way you can see growth from reading old entries in a diary, monitor your growth and progress through data.

Explore your data easily.

your.flowingdata was designed by a statistician, but you don’t have to be one to play with your data.