Back in 2009, I made this modest application as part of my PhD research. It was when people visualized data with Flash, before d3.js existed, and people still used Twitter to tell their friends what they had for breakfast. Wearables weren't a thing yet. I used a Nokia phone with a physical keyboard to tweet via text message. There was no official Twitter app. I was in a research meeting, and we legitimately wondered if we should look at this iPhone thing.

Things are different now. There are many dedicated applications and tools to collect data about yourself, both passively and actively. An entire industry developed around personal data collection.

In the meantime, your.flowingdata stood still. I occasionally updated the code to adapt to Twitter API changes, but the application itself changed little. Some visualizations don't work anymore, and I have to focus my time on FlowingData proper.

So, the time has come. On March 21, 2017, your.flowingdata retires. As you've always been able to, you can export your data via the Actions Log. Log in, navigate to the Actions Log in the top right, set the date range to all time, and click on Download Tab-Delimited File. Please do this before the retirement date, because the application will be inaccessible after.

Some suggested open-sourcing your.flowingdata. I might do this at some point, but the code is a Frankenstein of an application in its current state. Coming mostly from R, I was learning Python, Flash/Actionscript, and JavaScript all at the same time eight years ago, so it's not the most usable thing in the world. But I will keep it in mind.

In any case, thank you for using your.flowingdata. I hope you found some use out of it. Don't forget to export your data.